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South Bay International Duathlon: (1st) Race Report

So this is my blog and I’ve only been posting my Instagram photos, but I thought I would add some more flavor and content to anyone who is interested. As I’m sure you have noticed I’ve been doing quite a bit of training. In the future I’m going to be putting up some written words, mostly about triathlon stuff, but who knows what else I’ll throw up here.

What I’m Up To

This year I’m doing my first full Ironman triathlon in Coeur d’Alene, Id on June 29th. My training before has been more of less riding my bike when I felt like it, running mostly and never really swimming. Seeing how this race is 140.6 miles which is 2.4 miles swim, 112 miles bike and 26.2 marathon to top it off, I thought I better get a good coach who knows his/her shit. After a fair amount of research I settled on Matt Dixon of purplepatchfitness. He has an amazing team of pros, elite age groupers in the Every Man Jack team  and tons of strong age groupers, which is where I fit in. 

My “Offseason”

I started on the training plan in October, which was the “off season” and in the first month I trained more hours than I’ve ever done. I have never swam so much in my life, but damn it feels good! I thought my body would be beat up, and in a constant state of tiredness, but it handled it very well. I have always ignored any sort of strength training, but I put full trust in Matt’s plan, knowledge and it is paying off. I’ve noticed I’ve gotten a lot leaner and a ton stronger, which gives me more confidence heading into the early part of the tri season.

When I was planning my season USA Productions had a season pass option which gave you a nice discount if you booked several races at ones. I’ve never done a duathlon, which is run-bike-run, so I thought it would be a great way to shake off the rust and test the rewards of the training plan. 

So here it is my very 1st Race Report. Hopefully more to come!

South Bay International Duathlon Race Report

Saturday, March 8th in Morgan Hill, CA

Wake up: 3:45 am

Slept ok, maybe got 6 hours sleep which is pretty good for any nervous nelly triathlete. Went right over to the Nespresso and popped out a double shot while I microwaved my oatmeal and almond butter mixture. Slammed the espresso and cut a banana into my oatmeal. Ari was sleeping in while the wife got up and about. It takes a special lady to want to wake up at 4am to go watch a bunch of spandex wearing people race each other. 

4:45 am Team vehicle packed and leave

We are throughly enjoying our new car, a BMW x1, which has quickly been turned into the new triathlon team vehicle and we were pedal to the metal before 5am, which made me happy. 

About 6am

Got to the high school where the main transition area was set up and phew it was chilly! I semi planned ahead and packed some arm warmers, which I ended up using for the whole race. One thing I did forget was my sunnies. Sad face. 

Race Plan:
Build the 1st run to race pace for the last 2 miles, ease into the bike, but finish the last 3/5 of it at race pace, and crush the last run leaving nothing left. This was a “C race” for me so I didn’t have a goal time or hopes of hitting the podium. Admittedly I wanted to do really well on the bike because it was my first race on my new Specialized Shiv. 

7:08 Race Start

Run 1: 10k Strava: http://www.strava.com/activities/118894849/overview

Run 1 Plan: Build by 2 miles to race pace which is around 6:30 min/ mile. My goal was around 41-42 min 10k which is a few mins off my 10k PR of 39:XX.

What actually happened: As per usual the pace was quick right out of the gate and I got sucked in for the first 10th of a mile. I was able to dial it back and start picking off people that went out way too fast. Two 5k laps I felt pretty good, there were some really fast dudes who threw down sub 35 min 10ks, so I think I entered T1 about 8 mins back in 8th overall. 

Run 1 Time: 41:42

Bike: 40k Strava: http://www.strava.com/activities/118894853

Bike Plan: The course had 5 laps of about 5 miles each. The plan was to ease into the first lap and then put the hammer down for the rest of the ride. I wanted to put a really strong effort in here, so I was hoping for a 40k PR which would be around 1:10.

What actually happened: Grabbed my bike off the rack and headed out of T1. Hit the mount line and clipped in and threw down. The course has a few 90 degree turns, but the majority was flat and fast. I tried to ease into the bike, but my competitiveness kicked in and I started hammering. I spent about 95% of the ride in aero position and my bike fit really felt good. No soreness, tiredness or weird pains. Within a mile I blasted past guys I was chasing on the run for the past 42 mins. I felt really strong on the bike and continued to pass people who started in earlier waves, or were just coming out of transition. Was able to keep a pretty constant pace the whole ride. The laps were nice because I would pass by my wife and Ari every 5 miles where I would get some good cheering and encouragement. My fellow GGTC teammate and training partner Chris was volunteering at the event and did a great job on giving me placing and pacing updates. Came in hot off lap 5 and in attempt to do a flying dismount I lost one of my shoes which flew behind me and a volunteer was kind enough to grab it. Only 3 miles left and my day was done. 

Bike Time: 1:08:30 (new PR) Avg speed: 21.7 mph

Run 2 5K Strava: http://www.strava.com/activities/118894844/overview

Run 2 Plan: The plan here was pretty simple. Leave it all out there. One lap on the 5k run course. 

What actually happened: I only single knotted my shoes in T2, which came back to bite me a bit in the first half mile. Headed out at a decent pace and was about 100 yards behind a guy who really threw down on the bike that I wasn’t able to catch. I passed him around the 1st turn, but I heard my loose shoelace flap against the ground. I took the 15 seconds to retie and double knot both shoes. The bike beast re-passed me and I knew I couldn’t let him beat me. My legs felt a little heavy which I would put to hammering on the bike at a pretty low cadence (around 65 for those who care). First mile was about 7 minutes which is lower than I wanted. I knew I had to turn it up a bit, which I was able to do for the last two. I trucked on sub 7 for the next mile and caught up to what had to be one of the podium women, who I finally passed in the last half mile of the race. The last mile I opened the throttle and gave it everything I had left. As I headed into the last 1/4 mile my buddy Chris told me “3rd place AG dude!” That made me happy for sure because this was the first race of the season. I kept peeking over my shoulder to make sure the lady or bike monster didn’t catch me. 

Run 2 Time: 22.17 Avg time: 7 min/ mile


I felt I had a really good race for a early season, break the rust off, race. I managed to grab 1st place in my AG, which was a first for me! Great start to the season which, I’m hoping will be a big one.

Overall Time: 02:13:10.877 | 1st Place Age Group 25-29 | 11th Overall

What I ate: 

I try to keep a pretty strict diet, so I rely on all of my own food/hydration/recovery. Pretty much a combo of Picky Bars, OSMO, Clif Blocks and Muscle Milk. Oh yeah and espresso! 

1 packet Nature’s Plus Oatmeal w/ 1 spoonful of almond butter & 1 banana
Double espresso

En Route to the race
21oz of Osmo Active Hydrate

During Race:

About 1/2 of my 21oz bottle of Osmo
95% of my Shiv Fuelcell bladder w/ Osmo Active Hydrate
1 sleeve Clif Blocks
1/2 Picky Bar Need for Seed 
2-3 dixie cups of water from the aid stations

Post Race:
Chocolate Muscle Milk w/ 25 grams of protein
Several bottles of water

Well there ya have it! My first race report. I’d love to hear some feedback of what is in a good race report and what is in a shitty one, which I hope there isn’t too many examples from here.

Thanks for reading!


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